CruisersEmail Satellite Email, Web, and Weather Service

CruisersEmail is a state-of-the-art data compression service that compresses and sends/receives data – including email, weather, web, and more – over your satellite connection, and other slow or expensive internet connections.

Price is per-month.  CruisersEmail is sold on a month-to-month basis.  You can suspend CruisersEmail during the offseason and preserve your email address for $5/Month

PredictWind Lite included with CruisersEmail— Optionally Upgrade to PredictWind Standard or Pro for the same term as your CruisersEmail service.  PredictWind services will also be suspended and resumed when CruisersEmail service is suspended and resumed.

Optionally add CruisersEmail Web for compressed web browsing that can significantly reduce your data usage while browsing the Internet via satellite. (Works with Iridium Phones, Go, as well as broadband satellite terminals such as Fleet One, Iridium Pilot, Iridium Certus, or Fleet Broadband)


CruisersEmail satellite phone email is the easy way to access email and the web while on the water or in remote locations. CruisersEmail is simply the fastest, easiest, and most reliable satellite email and web service available, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Without CruisersEmail, sending and receiving email or browsing the web over your satellite device can burn through expensive data minutes relatively quickly.  CruisersEmail is powered by XGate and supports all XGate/Redport hardware/software features.  The software/service combination uniquely compresses your emails and websites to reduce your file size by up to 95%.  95% compression means 95% faster data, and 95% savings on your airtime.

If you need to send/receive emails for your business, check out our Step-by-Step guide for setting up Office365/Exchange, Office 2016, and CruisersEmail to send and receive your business emails via Satellite.

CruisersEmail Overview

Satellite Phone Email

XGate Satellite Email Service

With CruisersEmail you get all the benefits of a full-featured email service – right over your satellite feed. Mail forwarding and fetching, batch processing, unparalleled compression, crew accounts, vessel tracking, and more.


Satellite Phone Internet

Compression Satellite Internet

With CruisersEmail’s compressed web-browsing feature you can browse the web with the security of up to 95% compression – and airtime savings. CrusiersEmail Web compression works with handheld, including Iridium Go!, as well as broadband satellite phones.


Social Media – Near or Far

XGate Social Media

Update LinkedIn and Twitter right from CruisersEmail. Now your friends can follow your adventures in real time – you can even post pictures (and benefit from the airtime savings when CruisersEmail compresses them down).


Weather Right To Your Inbox

Marine Satellite Weather Forecasts

Easily get weather forecasts with the included PredictWind Offshore app. Critical wind, wave, temperature, and precipitation forecasts are free with XGate; add weather routing, departure planning, and more for a small monthly fee.



CruisersEmail Satellite Email

It’s easy to get started with CruisersEmail. Once it’s up and running, you can read and write your emails offline, saving airtime, then simply press a button. CruisersEmail will dial your satellite phone for you and hang up when it’s done. If your call drops, CruisersEmail can redial and simply pick up where it left off. And only CruisersEmail eliminates the back and forth of email protocols before using precious airtime.

CruisersEmail Email Features.

  • Faster. Cheaper. Better.  CruisersEmail uses only 5% of the data of a standard email program, on average. That means you save up to 95% on satellite airtime costs compared to using your email without XGate.
  • Your Email, your Way.  When you sign up for CruisersEmail, you’ll get a new email address.  Use this email address for no extra charge, with the XGate software, or your favorite email client such as Outlook or AppleMail.  If you’d like CruisersEmail to manage your regular email address so that you don’t need to switch email addresses, ask us about “Email Fetching” or Forwarding, or see our how-to articles on setting up CruisersEmail to work with Outlook, Apple Mail, Office365, and GSuite.
  • Virus Scanning and Spam Filters. CruisersEmail servers scan every message for viruses and SPAM, blocking them before they go over your satellite system, saving you airtime and keeping your machine clean. CruisersEmail also has full DES/PGP encryption for optimum security.
  • BigMail Feature.  Even though you’ve told them not to send you big attachments, that cousin just didn’t listen and insisted on sending you a huge email full of funny cat photos.  Instead of automatically spending valuable satellite airtime downloading that huge email, “BigMail” will give you the email subject and size, so you can choose to download it via satellite or wait until you have another internet connection.  Get the emails you need, when you need them, and save the funny cat photos until later.
  • CruisersEmail Speaks Your Language.  CruisersEmail software is available in more than 22 languages.
  • SMS Notifications.  Receive a SMS text message to your Iridium or Globalstar phone to alert you of new emails.
  • Blog from Anywhere.  Ask Sea-Tech how you can use CruisersEmail to update your blog!

CruisersEmail Satellite Web

C-Web lets you surf the web over satellite connections. C-Web loads pages up to 10 times faster while zapping pop-ups and ads and compressing pictures and text.  

With C-Web you will browse the Internet up to 10x faster over satellite phones. On average C-Web compresses pages by a factor of 3-5x which gives a much improved speed advantage. GMN is able to reduce the time it takes to download typical web images by a factor of up to 10x.

The fast web compression technology reduces typical pictures down to 5% of their original size, dramatically reducing download times. In addition to compressing all the images, C-Web also compresses all text streams, removes obnoxious pop-ads, and removes all backgrounds and animations. Faster download times mean greater savings for you.

C-Web Features

  • Web Compression.  Without the need for any additional programs to install. Uses Windows internal compression option. Better than 10 times improvement in speed when rendering mostly text based web pages.
  • Strips Data-Eating Backgrounds.  Background images are stripped since they do not provide content and take time to download.
  • Pop-Up Advertising Blocked.  Pop up ads are removed aiding in the fast delivery of real content to your web browser.
  • Shrinks Images To Save Data and Increase Speeds.  GIF and JPEGs are downsized on-the-fly during download resulting in much smaller pages, and download times reduced by as much as 90%.
  • Ads? Gone.  Images containing advertising are stripped from the HTML pages as they download to the web browser again saving bandwidth.
  • Optional Unfiltered Viewing.  Is C-Web a little too efficient, and blocking content you need?  No problem.  You can view unfiltered pages anytime with the click of a button, without unblocking content on all your other websites.

RedPort Optimizer Personal (Optional Add-On)

Increase your satellite speed and savings even more with the RedPort Satellite Optimizer.  The Optimizer is a powerful firewall that will ensure only the web traffic that should get through to your satellite connection makes it through.  Have you ever opened your satellite connection, only to discover that Windows update or other background apps burned through all your data, or racked up huge overages?  The Optimizer solves that problem by blocking background traffic and ensuring that only the data you want to allow on your satellite connection has access.  Learn more about the Optimizer here.  Or, get more advanced firewall features with the RedPort Optimizer Premier.


Additional information



PredictWind Options


PredictWind Features

It’s easy to get started with PredictWind, and once you’re going, you’ve got a full range of weather forecasting, predicting, and plotting right at your fingertips.

Outstanding Accuracy

Proven technology with the highest resolution model on the web. The forecast model is exclusive to PredictWind!

Detailed Forecasts for your Local Area

Most marine forecasts give you a generalised wind forecast in the morning or the afternoon. PredictWind shows wind weather updates every hour, with a wind speed and direction map for your entire local area. The detail you can see in the marine forecast can help you plan your trip or possibly win your next yacht race.

Live Wind Observations

Get access to Real data from 15,000 live stations across the globe. Let us know some of your favorite wind observation sites in your local area, and we will do our best to add them to the PredictWind site.

Departure Planning

What is the best day for depart on your next trip coastal or offshore passage? You will be spanning different weather patterns, and this powerful tool will quickly summarize the wind conditions you will receive if you left on Day1, Day2, Day3, or Day4. Simply drag the start and destination waypoints on the Google Map, the weather routing algorithm will calculate the fastest route (avoiding the land) and summarize the forecast wind data for the next 4 days of departure.

Weather Routing

Simply drag the start and end waypoints on the Google map, and the PredictWind server will calculate the fastest route or the most comfortable route for your boat using the high resolution 1km-8km or the global 50km resolution forecasts. The comfortable route allows you to avoid sailing upwind in strong winds. You decide your tolerance level, and the PredictWind routing algorithm will do its best to avoid these areas. You simply need to select a polar curve that matches your boat, or customize your own polar curve and the optimal route is calculated for all 4 forecasts.

Forecast Confidence

A weather model is only as good as the information entered into the model. PredictWind uses two data sources for the model producing two alternative forecasts for comparison. The closer the wind forecast, the more confidence you can have in the PredictWind wind forecast.






Price for 3 Months Included with CruisersEmail $99 for 3 Months $249 for 3 Months
Price for 12 Months Included with CruisersEmail $249 for 12 Months $499 for 12 Months
Unique Technology: #1 for accuracy X X X
Dual Forecasts for Confidence X X X
Worldwide Coverage X X X
14 Day Forecast X X X
Offshore App      
  Worldwide Coverage X X X
   Iridium GO! Interface X X X
   Satellite Imagery X X X
   GMDSS Text Forecast X X X
GRIB Viewer X X X
   PWG/PWE 8km model   X X
   PWG/PWE 1km model     X
   ECMWF Global 9km GRIB     X
   PWG/PWE 50km Wave GRIB X X X
   ECMWF 14km Wave GRIB     X
   Sea Temp GRIB     X
   Ocean/Tidal Current GRIB     X
   GFS – Wind X X X
   GFS Precipitation X X X
   GFS Cloud Cover X X X
   GFS Temperature X X X
   GFS Pressure X X X
   Weather Routing   X X
   Departure Planning   X X
   Destination Forecast   X X
   Vessel Tracking Web Page     X
   Email Delivery – Satellite Phone & SSB X X X
   RedPort Optimizer and Glow Compatible X X X
   Iridium Go! Compatible X X X
   WiFi/Cellular Compatible X X X

* GFS: Global Forecast System is a weather model produced by National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)

* PWG: Forecast derived from GFS conditions using proprietary PW model

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