Narwhal Wi-Fi Onboard

Narwhal Wi-Fi Onboard Packages are turn-key, pre-configured and ready-to-use, onboard Wi-Fi packages that combine integrated 4G or 5G cellular data with one or more Starlink satellite terminals and backup satellite comms into a single onboard communications system anyone can use.

Narwhal Wi-Fi Onboard Included Features

  • Single Onboard/Below-Decks Dual-Band Wi-Fi Network for all Internet connections (cellular, shore wi-fi, Iridium Inmarsat, KVH, VSAT, Starlink, etc)
  • One or Two Integrated 5G Cellular modems
    • 4 x SIM card slots per cellular modem
  • Support for One or Two Starlink terminals (any version)
    • (Starlink Ethernet Adapter may be required)
  • Support for practically any other satellite communications connection independent of or combined with Starlink
  • Intelligent automatic failover between available Starlink and Cellular connections
  • Built-in Narwhal VPN SD-WAN with multi-connection bonding and seamless failover/switching between Cellular and Starlink connections.
    • Provides uninterrupted connectitivty for Teams, Zoom, Voice calls, and more.
    • Narwhal VPN/Bonding Service plan required to use bonding
    • Optional Static/Public IP Address available with Sea-Tech Speedfusion plans.
    • Optional Narwhal Voice Dedicated voice service available for Narwhal systems.
  • Pre-configured for best performance before shipment, plug and play install!

(Starlink Terminals are not included with Narwhal Wi-Fi Onboard Packages and must be purchased separately, ask us for advice if you don’t know what you need.)

No hacking, no modifications, no futzing with configuring routers or VPNs

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