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Sea-Tech’s hardware packages give you the features you need and include the components, wires, connectors, and other parts needed for a smooth and easy installation.

Narwhal Wi-Fi Onboard Packages provide a completely integrated, pre-configured and tested, Wi-Fi, Global 5G Cellular, Starlink, and other Satellite (Iridium, Inmarsat, Viasat, Aura, VSAT, KVH, etc) communications system on board which automatically selects the least-cost option, corrects deficiencies inherent in Starlink and cellular connections, and securely routes your connection to your land-based home or home country.

Latest Sea-Tech Edu Articles

sea-tech narwhal frontierus case study header image

Leading Peplink USA Distributor features Narwhal Wi-Fi Onboard Systems in new Case Study

Frontier US, a leading distributor for Peplink technology in the USA has featured Narwhal Wi-Fi Onboard in a new Case Study published this month. FrontierUS has recognized how Narwhal combines a whole host of features into a simple to acquire, simple to install and use, turnkey solution for boaters.

Why you need a backup communications solution…

Inmarsat Services are down in the Asia-Pacific region It’s the morning of April 18, and if you are an Inmarsat customer in the Western Pacific Ocean area, you have likely been offline for just about 48 hours so far.  No calls, no weather downloads, no emails, etc. ...

Starlink Hardware and Plan Matrix

We've compiled the data from all of the recent updates announced by Starlink including any updates that were made to wording on their website and in terms and conditions.  This matrix/comparison of plans is the most accurate information we can get as of May 2, 2023...
woman on boat using internet

Should I Get Starlink RV Standard, RV Mobile, or Maritime for my boat?

(as of Feb 4, 2023) The answer to this question depends on your overall expectations and how much risk you can accept... If you need connectivity while in-motion on your boat, get RV MobileorMaritime While a standard non-mobile RV antenna may work in-motion currently,...
reduce data usage and save money on internet while cruising

Reduce Data Usage and Save Money While Cruising

If you are travelling and relying on cellular and/or satellite-based Internet for your communications, there are a several easy things you can do to reduce how much data your devices use on a day-to-day basis.  If you implement the following changes, you can...
starlink for RVs

Starlink for RV’s Available Now: What it Means For Boats

Just about a week ago, our prior post described the latest updates from Starlink including current network status, coverage, and the new portability feature. The newly announced Starlink for RVs expands on portability with some additional flexibility. A Bit of...
starlink on boats

Starlink Portability feature officially available (what this means for boaters)

Portability (i.e.: Stationary Roaming) Is Official Last week, Starlink officially announced Portability as a feature along with an add-on monthly fee to enable it. Basically, portability is the same as "roaming" that many users had been using for free the last few...
SV Dark Angel installs new Icom Radio

Sailing Dark Angel puts Sea-Tech’s Marine Electronics Advisor Service to the Test

Dave and Lisa of the YouTube channel Sailing Dark Angel came by our Annapolis Boat Show booth this past October wondering how to get their AIS and VHF upgraded and ensuring it's all integrated properly.   Needing technical help with their DIY upgrade and install, they...
streaming video

Streaming Video through Slow & Expensive Connections

Optimizing Streaming Video for Use Over Slow or Expensive Connections Are you trying to stream movies and tv shows on your boat? Does it use too much cellular data? Do you have trouble streaming on the Marina Wi-Fi? Hoping to use satellite Internet for streaming but...
low-bandwidth web browsing

Accessing the Web via Low-Bandwidth Satellite Connections

Have an Iridium handset or Go, Fleet One, Pilot, Certus 100/200/700 or other low bandwidth and/or high cost/MB satellite connection?  Wanting to find a way to access the web with that connection?  While a slow satellite connection won't grant you access to the entire...
video conferencing data usage savings

Change Video Conference Settings to Save Money on Data

Video Conferencing consumes ALOT of data. If you are using Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet services there are some ways to reduce the data usage.  Sea-Tech has done some testing with Video and Audio calls with Zoom and Google Hangouts as well as voice calls with Skype....
save your boat money

Changing Wi-Fi Settings On Your Device to Save You Money

One of the challenges cruisers have with Internet usage on board a boat, especially one with a below decks Wi-Fi network that has access to the Internet through cellular and/or satellite networks is that many devices like to upload and download data in the background...

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