Sea-Tech Icom M803 SSB HF Radio Email and Weather Package


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GAM/McKim HF-SSB Split Lead Antenna for Sailboats

The GAM/McKim split lead single side band antenna is a favorite amongst sail boaters because it eliminates the need for backstay insulators forever. The split lead antenna simply press fits onto your existing backstay wire with no special tools or equipment required. The GAM/McKim is secured at the base by a hard grade plastic T clamp and requires a back stay length of at least 34 feet.

  • Easy Install
  • No cutting of backstay needed
  • Easily removed if needed
  • For any SSB/HF radio
  • Perfect for Sailboats

Visit our Marine SSB page to see all our Marine SSB products and packages

KISS-SSB Ground Plane for HF Radio

Quality SSB performance without the need for holes under the waterline, unnecessary wiring, or laborious maintenance.

Works perfectly with Sailmail and Winlink along with your Pactor Modem.  Pair the KISS-SSB with a GAM Split-Lead Antenna for easy installation of the SSB radio system on your sailboat with no copper mesh to install and no rigging to modify.

The three most complemented features are:

  • Stronger Signal both sending and receiving
  • Faster speed with Sailmail and Winlink
  • Less RF Interference onboard

Works great on Land and with Amateur Radio too!

Visit our Marine SSB page to see all our Marine SSB products and packages


SSB (single-sideband) radio has been the gold standard in long-distance marine communication for 100 years.  Take the fuss out of installing SSB radio in your vessel with this SeaTech SSB package, which includes all the equipment, cabling, and connectors you need.  Then, get worldwide access to email and weather over SSB, all for one affordable price.

SSB Radio Package Includes:

  • ICOM M803 Class E DSC Marine HF Single-Sideband Radio.  Improving on the venerable M802, the brand new Icom M803 MF/HF Marine SSB Transceiver is full of features any cruiser would not want to be without. First, increase your safety at sea with built-in digital selective calling (DSC) updated for 2020, the latest in one-touch emergency communications technology.  Next, digital communications are also made simple with this SSB radio.  Then, when voice communications are difficult, send and receive messages with the one-touch email access frequency, mode, and bandwidth settings. The large full-color TFT LCD display with night mode allows for easy reading, day or night. At sea, email has never been easier.  The M803 is great for weather fax, communications to many, and email access (when connected to a PACTOR modem). Send and receive messages with the one-touch email access frequency, mode and bandwidth settings.  150W power output; 830 channels including 160 programmable, 72 ITU SSN duplex, 249 ITU SSB simplex, 193 ITU FSK duplex, and 160 email; Digital Signal Processor (DSP); Last Call recording/playback, and One-Touch E-Mail Access.  The new M803 has a built-in GPS Receiver and includes an external GPS Antenna with 5m cable. (MSRP $3850)
  • ICOM AT-140 Automatic Tuner (MSRP $710)
  • Metz Marine DSC Antenna (or) GAM SS-2 WeatherFax/HF/DSC Antenna (depending on availability at time of order) A marine DSC antenna is required for proper operation of the ICOM M803’s DSC “DISTRESS” button. This antenna provides sail and power boaters with a slim, stainless steel, 54″ whip mounted to a nickel-plated post into a 1-1/2″ diameter steel coil that will out-perform fiberglass alternatives. (MSRP $169)
  • SCS P4-Dragon PACTOR4 HF SSB Radio Modem (MSRP $1629)
    • Optional: Add Bluetooth to the P4-Dragon for wirefree usage and fewer RF interference issues ($150 Additional)
  • SeaTech Installation Diagrams
  • SeaTech Installation Wiring Kit (~$500 Value)
    • ICOM OPC-1465 Radio to Tuner Control Cable (30 Ft) w/2 Ferrite Filters
    • NMEA0183 Adapter and wire for M803 (allows you to feed NMEA data from M803’s GPS to the Pactor modem)
    • 30ft RG213 Radio to Tuner Coax Cable w/10 Ferrite Filters & PL-259 Connectors
    • Custom 6ft Modem to Radio Cables (Power/Data & Control and Audio) w/Ferrite Filters
    • Additional Ferrite Filters for PACTOR Modem USB Cable and NMEA wiring
    • 30ft Coax cable with PL259 connectors with Ferrite Filter for the DSC Antenna
    • USB Audio adapter for PC/Mac Included for weatherfax audio decoding without Pactor

Total MSRP for Packages $5000 to $6900 – Save $$$ buying as a package

Simple SSB Solutions For Modern Cruising.

Don’t yet have an insulated backstay or copper ground plane in your boat?  Make it SeaTechEasy by adding the following additional options to your order:

Use AirMail for Sailmail and Saildocs:

sailmail airmail 2000 inbox

Decode WeatherFax Images for free:

weatherfax 2000

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 13 in
Email Modem Options

No Email or GRIB Support, Pactor4 USB, Pactor4 USB and Bluetooth