Sea-Tech Headphone and Audio Out Adapter for Icom M803 SSB Radio

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Sea-Tech Headphone and Audio Out Adapter for Icom M803 SSB Radio

Allows PC/Mac Weatherfax/NavTex decoding or use of Headphones with M803 Radio

  • Connects to M803 HandMic Port
  • Allows simultaneous use of HandMic with audio out adapter installed
  • Connect headphones or PC/Mac to M803
  • Use with M803 Speaker enabled or disabled
  • Compatible with mono or stereo headphone/earphones
  • Compatible with any PC/Mac/Android/iOS software that decodes weatherfax, navtex, and other digital broadcast products over HF/SSB frequencies
  • Easily installed and removed anytime without any modification of the radio
  • Works with Icom M803 or M802 Radios
  • Stereo headphone adapter included
  • USB Audio device for Mac/PC included with adapters for USB-A or USB-C ports
  • 6ft Mono Audio cable for Radio to PC connection included



Want a simple way to connect your headphones or a PC/Mac to your M803 Radio?  The M803 doesn’t have a headphone jack on the control head like the M802 radio did so it’s much more difficult to connect your computer or a set of headphones to the M803 radio.

seatech m803 ssb audio out adapter kit with accessoriesOur adapter is custom made in-house specifically for this purpose.  The adapter connects to the M803’s hand mic port and features a passthrough for the standard handmic plus a mono-audio output jack.  You can continue to use the handmic as normal while the adapter is installed.  No need to run a long audio cable from the M803’s main transceiver unit to get a seperate audio out.

m803 with seatech audio out adapter installed and in useThe audio out jack volume is controlled by the same volume control that controls the radio’s speaker volume.  You can disable the built-in speaker using the on-screen softkey for privacy or to appease your crew, while still using the audio connection through the adapter.

The output is mono, and will only be heard through one ear if connecting a set of stereo headphones.  We include a mono-to-stereo adapter which you can use to allow sound from both sides of your headphones.seatech m803 ssb audio out accessories

The kit also includes a USB audio device with USB-A connector, plus a USB-C to USB-A adapter, and a 6ft mono audio cable to connect your PC or Mac to the radio for weatherfax, navtex, or other digital audio decoding.  Works great with Multimode on MacOS, WeatherFax2000 for Windows, and other apps that decode HF/SSB digital broadcasts.

Every adapter is hand made in-house and tested by Sea-Tech Systems.


weatherfax 2000 viewer

macos multimode weatherfax navtex decoder screenshot


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