ICOM M803 SSB Marine Radio


Icom M803 DSC Class E Marine MF/HF Transceiver for Long-Distance Cruisers!

  • New full color screen with night mode
  • Integrated GPS for DSC operation (no more NMEA interfacing requirement)
  • Integrated speaker for ease of install
  • Waterproof controller and hand microphone
  • Visual match to Icom’s M605 VHF for clean looking installations
  • Customized with DockSideRadio’s Up-to-date SSB & HAM frequencies & NETS

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Add commonly needed accessories

ICOM AT-140 Automatic Antenna Tuner


Icom AT-140 Automatic antenna tuner for MF/HF Radio

Matches the transceiver to a long wire or whip antenna with little insertion loss. Cable connections are easy to install.

For M700PRO, M710, M802, and M803.

For M802 Radios use Control Cable OPC-1147N

For M803 Radios use Control Cable OPC-1465

11″W x 15″H x 3.5″D; Wt: 20 lbs.

Pair this tuner with our GAM/McKIM Split Lead Antenna and/or KISS-SSB RF Counterpoise for quick and easy installation of your HF SSB Communication system.

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ICOM OPC1465 Shielded Control Cable for M803 and AT-140 Tuner

Shielded Control Cable , MFG# OPC1465, shielded control cable connects between AT-140 and M803, 10m (32.8ft).

KISS-SSB Ground Plane for HF Radio

Quality SSB performance without the need for holes under the waterline, unnecessary wiring, or laborious maintenance.

Works perfectly with Sailmail and Winlink along with your Pactor Modem.  Pair the KISS-SSB with a GAM Split-Lead Antenna for easy installation of the SSB radio system on your sailboat with no copper mesh to install and no rigging to modify.

The three most complemented features are:

  • Stronger Signal both sending and receiving
  • Faster speed with Sailmail and Winlink
  • Less RF Interference onboard

Works great on Land and with Amateur Radio too!

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GAM/McKim HF-SSB Split Lead Antenna for Sailboats

The GAM/McKim split lead single side band antenna is a favorite amongst sail boaters because it eliminates the need for backstay insulators forever. The split lead antenna simply press fits onto your existing backstay wire with no special tools or equipment required. The GAM/McKim is secured at the base by a hard grade plastic T clamp and requires a back stay length of at least 34 feet.

  • Easy Install
  • No cutting of backstay needed
  • Easily removed if needed
  • For any SSB/HF radio
  • Perfect for Sailboats

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Metz DSC Antenna for ICOM M802/M803 SSB with 30ft Cable

Add DSC functionality to your SSB Radio, and be able to bring help in an emergency. Simple installation, with all mounts, cables, and connectors included.


  • Stainless steel housing whip
  • Gold plated support
  • UV resistant cap
  • All connections soldered
  • Lifetime warranty on antenna base coil (non-transferable, proof of purchase required)
  • Frequency range 1-30 Mhz
  • Length: 54″
  • 30ft PL259 Cable included

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GAM SS-2 HF-WeatherFax Antenna

  • Hand-wound loading coil is factory tuned and tested to insure peak performance at a specified frequency
  • Stainless steel coil housing
  • Coil is hermetically sealed to prevent moisture damage
  • No ground plane required
  • L-Bracket Included!

Optional 30ft PL259 Cable Available, check add it below before adding to card.

Add ADAP Mounting adapter to fit on standard 1″-14 threaded pipe mounts – Durable adapter for standard marine antenna mounts.

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Class E DSC MF/HF Radio wtih Wide Viewing Angle Color TFT LCD

Reliable Distant Communication Beyond the Horizon

The M803 is the long range digital communication radio for any cruiser. Reach both marine and ham frequencies with the Class E DSC MF/HF certification. It is packed with features to keep users safe such as a distress call button, audio replay, GPS and more. The intuitive interface of the color TFT display and the similarity of the user interface of the M605 allows for easy operation between the two radios. The M803 also includes an advanced RF direct simple sampling system that improves higher receiver sensitivity and higher quality audio.

Output Power:



0.5-29.99 MHz


830 (160 programmable, 72 ITU SSN duplex, 249 ITU SSB simplex, 193 ITU FSK duplex, 160 email)


IPX7 (controller only)




4.3 inch Wide Viewing Angle Color TFT Display

The 4.3 inch color TFT display provides an almost 180 degree very wide viewing angle and displays high resolution characters and function icons. Even when the radio is installed on the instrumental panel, the operator can clearly see the display information from various viewing angles. The night mode display ensures good readability in low light conditions.  Integrated speaker eliminates need to install a separate speaker.

Distress Button for Emergency

If in an emergency situation, the large independent Distress button enables you to immediately send
an automated digital Distress signal, with GPS coordinates, to call for help from other ships or coast stations.

Built-in DSC Watch-Keeping Receiver (Class-E DSC)

The dedicated DSC watch-keeping receiver continuously scans the six distress channels in rotation. A total of 100 MMSI num- bers (75 Individual and 25 Group) for DSC calls can be stored with a 10-character ID name. When you receive a DSC call, while you are in process with another DSC call, the IC-M803 can hold both DSC procedures to switch between the DSC calls with the Multiple Task Mode function.

Two Minutes Instant Replay Memory

The Instant Replay function automatically saves the received audio. You can replay the received audio, and not miss any incoming calls.

Advanced RF Direct Sampling System

Received RF signals are directly converted to digital signals and processed in the Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), mak- ing it possible to simplify circuit construction. It also improves receiver sensitivity, and audio clarity over conventional radio systems.

Integrated GPS Receiver 

The GPS receiver is integrated into the IC-M803. Your position data, course, speed and UTC data can be received with a simple connection to the supplied GPS
antenna. The position data can be output from the NMEA 0183 output port for use with other devices.

Intuitive User Interface

A combination of the large main dial and software keys at the bottom of the display, provides simple operation and easy access to often used functions. The ten-key pad enables you to smoothly enter channel numbers, MMSI numbers with ID names and so on. In addition, one of software key functions can be as- signed to the microphone’s programmable button for quick access.

Ready for HF E-mail Operation

The IC-M803 can be set to memorize your HF e-mail access frequency, mode and bandwidth setting into the e-mail channels. Up to 160 e-mail frequency channels, and connection terminals for a PC and e-mail modem are available.

  • Please ask Sea-Tech Systems about E-Mail options

Other Features

  • 150 W (PEP) of powerful RF output
  • Optional AT-140 automatic antenna tuner (Requires updated OPC1465 Control Cable)
  • IPX7 waterproof remote controller head
  • 0.5–29.999 MHz continuous receiver coverage
  • Matching design with the IC-M605 VHF marine transceiver
  • NMEA 0183 Version 4.10 data input/output (4800–38400 bps)
  • Built-in voice scrambler function (Availability depends on the version)


Frequency coverage





500 kHz–29.9999 MHz (Continuous)

1.6–2.9999, 4.0–4.9999, 6.0–6.9999,

8.0–8.9999, 12.0–13.9999, 16.0–17.9999,

18.0–19.9999, 22.0–22.9999, 25.0–27.5000 MHz

2.1875, 4.2075, 6.3120, 8.4145, 12.5770, 16.8045 MHz




F1B (FSK),
A1A (CW),
H3E* (AM) (* H3E receive only)
Antenna impedance 50Ω (unbalanced)
Usable temperature range -20°C to +55°C, -4°F to +131°F
Frequency stability




±10 Hz (below 29.999 MHz)

±10 Hz

Power supply requirement 13.6V DC ±15% (Negative ground)
Current drain (at 13.6V DC)




Less than 3.0 A (Maximum audio output)

30A (Maximum output power)

Dimensions (Projections not included)

Main unit


240 × 94 × 238 mm, 9.4 × 3.7 × 9.4 in (W × H × D)
274 × 114 × 86 mm, 10.8 × 4.5 × 3.4 in (W × H × D)

Main unit
4.41 kg, 9.7 lb (approximate)
760 g, 1.7 lb (approximate)
Output power 150, 100, 60, 20 W PEP (selectable)
Spurious emissions Less than -62 dB (Peak output power)
Carrier suppression More than 40 dB (Peak output power)
Unwanted sideband suppression More than 55 dB
(Peak output powerwith 1500 Hz AF Input)
Microphone impedance 600Ω
Sensitivity at 20 dB SINAD
J3E, A1A 0.5–1.5999 MHz
1.6–1.7999 MHz
1.8–29.9999 MHz
30 dBμV emf
13 dBμV emf
8 dBμV emf
J2B, F1B 1.6–1.7999 MHz
1.8–29.9999 MHz
4 dBμV emf
–1 dBμV emf
H3E 0.5–1.5999 MHz
1.6–1.7999 MHz
1.8–3.9999 MHz
44 dBμV emf
30 dBμV emf
24 dBμV emf
Sensitivity at 10 dB S/N
J3E, A1A 0.5–1.5999 MHz
1.6–1.7999 MHz
1.8–29.9999 MHz
16 dBμV
–1 dBμV
–6 dBμV
J2B, F1B 1.6–1.7999 MHz
1.8–29.9999 MHz
–10 dBμV
–15 dBμV
H3E 0.5–1.5999 MHz
1.6–1.7999 MHz
1.8–3.9999 MHz
30 dBμV
16 dBμV
10 dBμV
DSC Sensitivity (J2B) 6 dBμV emf (at 20 dB SINAD)
–8 dBμV (at 10 dB S/N)
–6 dBμV emf (at 1% BER)
Spurious response

More than 70 dB
(0.5–29.9999 MHz)

More than 70 dB


Audio output power 4.0W at 10% distortion with a 4Ω load
Clarity variable range ±150 Hz

All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Applicable IP Rating

Ingress Protection Standard
Remote controller IPX7 (1m depth water for 30 minutes)

Supplied Accessories

  • Remote controller
  • DC power cable
  • Mounting bracket kits
  • Remote control cable (5 m, 16.4 ft)
  • GPS antenna (5m, 16.4 ft cable)
  • ACC plugs
  • Microphone, HM-214H
  • Microphone hanger
  • Spare fuses

M803 Optional Accessories:

  • AT-140 Automatic Antenna Tuner
  • OPC-1465 Shielded Tuner Control Cable for M803 and AT140
  • MB-75 Flush Mount Bracket Kit for Remote Controller


Additional information

Weight 19.4000 lbs
Dimensions 19.0000 × 15.0000 × 7.0000 in