YAOSHENG Rectangular Dishy Cable Adapter to RJ45


  • No need to cut the original cable.
  • No need to crimp RJ45 connector to Starlink cable.
  • 30 cm cat8 ethernet cable included for connecting the adapter to PoE injector. ( *use only for correct pinout )
  • Aluminium case.
  • A simple way to connect Dishy v2 to 3’d party router.
  • Unit count : 1.0
  • Water resistance level : not water resistant
  • Wattage : 150.0 watts
  • Works with Starlink Standard v2 Antenna
  • High Performance Antenna NOT Supported
  • Use with Yaosheng POE Injector and Mean Well DC-DC Converter


Connect Your Dishy V2 to PoE Injector Quickly and Easily.

  • Indoor use only.
  • The connection template can be found in the reference pictures.
  • This adapter will help you to connect the SPX Original Male connector to your PoE Injector.
  • Please check the correct pinout of your injector.
  • You can find the needed pinout & pins polarity on the adapter sticker.
  • Easy to use with YAOSHENG 150W GigE PoE Injector.
  • Does not support hot plugging. Connect all relevant connectors before turning on the power.
  • Input voltage: 48-57 VDC
  • Input/output current: 3A
  • Best when used with Yaosheng POE Injector and Mean Well DC-DC Converter