Iridium GO! Monthly Reusable SIM Cards


Two Flexible SIM Card Options Provides Unique Benefits for Cruisers!

  • Traditional Iridium +8816 (OR) USA +1 Phone Number for your Iridium Go
  • Unlimited SMS Messages and Go Data Minutes with both options
  • Fully Compatible with Following Sea, PredictWind, MyIridium Email, CruisersEmail, and more!

USA +1 “Keep-your-Number” Plan Benefits

  • Calls from your friends and family in the USA to your Iridium Go are standard domestic calls so they are not charged crazy international call rates by their phone company (which can typically be $7-15/minute)
    • No need to use the 2-Stage Calling Method to avoid the International call fees
  • Keep your same Iridium phone number for reactivations next season using the same SIM card!
  • Flexible Service allows you to stop and restart service when needed
  • Reuse the same SIM card each season, no need to keep a stash of SIMs on board for next season!

INTL Number Plan Benefits

  • Standard Iridium Phone Number assigned, no extra fees to call any International number from your Iridium Go. More outgoing voice minutes included.
  • Reuse the same SIM card each season, no need to keep a stash of SIMs on board for next season!

See the Airtime and Comparison Tabs for full details on each of these two plans

A New SIM Card will be shipped to you!  If you already have a Sea-Tech Systems SIM Card, go to our Activations page to activate a plan

(If you need hardware also, see Iridium Go! bundle)



The Best Iridium Go Unlimited Airtime Plan!

Sea-Tech offers both USA +1 and Standard International Phone numbers with our Iridium Go SIM Cards.

Tired of getting new SIM cards every season?  Wishing you could keep your sat phone number the same from year to year and season to season?  Wishing it was easier for family and friends to call your satellite phone?

Solve these problems with the best Iridium Go! Unlimited plan available!   Get big benefits for your Iridium GO!  service with the Pivotel SIM card for Iridium Go!.  It’s the last SIM you will ever need for your Iridium Go!  Activate and Deactivate your plan when needed, maintain the same phone number each time you reactivate, get a free +1 USA phone number for friends and family to call you with, and more.

  • Our Pivotel Flex Reusable SIM Card for Iridium GO! With the Pivotel SIM card for Iridium Go you get a USA +1 phone number for calls and texts, plus unlimited data and SMS and 50 minutes of incoming OR outgoing calls worldwide.  Stop your service for low monthly fee and reactivate with the same unique phone number when you need it.  Additional voice airtime is billed separately.  Save money during the offseason with no need to store or acquire extra SIM cards each season.
  • Our Iridium Reusable SIM Card for Iridium GO! provides the traditional Iridium +8816 number and standard calling rates of traditional Iridium GO SIM plans.  More outgoing voice minutes included and choice of Go 5, Go 75, Go 150, and Go Unlimited service plans, with ability to switch between plans on a month-to-month basis. Our SIMs can be reactivated after the off-season without obtaining a new SIM.  Save money during the off-season with no need to store or acquire extra SIM cards each season.
  • MyIridium.Net Email included for Smartphones and Tablets. MyIridium Satellite Email service runs from your smartphone or tablet, connecting through the Iridium Go allowing you to exchange emails with the people you need.  MyIridium Email uses data compression service that delivers data-saving email right over your Iridium GO!, to your tablet, or smartphone.    Compatible with Android, and iOS only.  MyIridium.Net email Service is available as long as your Iridium service is active.

You Have Options Too!

Prefer to manage email on your PC or Mac?  Have business email you need to manage?  Upgrade to CruisersEmail for $30 extra per month!  Suspendable for low monthly fee just like the SIM Card.

  • CruisersEmail Email Service.  CruisersEmail satellite email service works with the GO! and any other satellite, wifi, or cellular Internet connection to save you time and money – while connecting you to the people and information you need.  CruisersEmail is a state-of-the-art data compression service that delivers data-saving email right over your Iridium GO!, to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.    This upgrade from the standard MyIridium Email adds the ability to use alternative Internet connections (such as wifi and cellular) to access your email when using satellite would be slow and unnecessary.  CruisersEmail also provides compatibility with Windows and Mac computers in addition to Tablets and SmartPhones, and provides a Webmail interface for off-season access if needed.  Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.  CruisersEmail is billed month-to-month along with your Iridium Go Service.  $30/Month

Use these plans with your Iridium Go! hardware.

Which SIM should you choose?

Most Iridium Go! users choose the International phone number SIM.  SMS’s with your friends and family are still free and you get more outgoing call minutes to reach out to anyone. (Recommended for most users)
Are you expecting incoming calls to your Iridium Go! from friends and family in the USA?   Choose our Flex SIM with USA phone number.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 0.1 in


Iridium Go! Airtime Plans

iridium go plans may 2024

Iridium Go Plan Comparison

Everyone Else's SIM

Standard Iridium Go SIMs

(Orange SIM)
SIM Card Cost $10.00
Monthly Fee $154.99
Activation Fee Up to $50 (Varies) 12 Active Month Contract
Up to $50 (Varies) No Contract
Phone Number for Incoming Voice Iridium Intl +8816 USA +1 Optional ($10/mo)
Phone Number for Outgoing Voice Iridium Intl +8816
Phone Number for SMS Iridium Intl +8816
Voice Calling Rates You Pay: The Other Party Pays:
Incoming Calls (Direct)
(Direct Dial to your Sat #)
$0.00/Minute Intl Satellite LD Rates
(Up to $15.00/Minute)
Incoming Calls (2-Stage)
(2-Stage Dialing via Iridium)
$1.25-1.50/Minute USA Domestic LD Rates
(Free for most US callers)
Incoming Calls (+1)
(Direct Dial to Optional +1 Sat #)
$1.69/Minute USA Domestic LD Rates
(Free for most US callers)
Outgoing Calls to Fixed/Cell
$1.09/Minute Free
Monthly Included Services Included:
Voice Minutes 150 Outgoing Only
Incoming SMS Unlimited Messages
Outgoing SMS Unlimited Messages
Internet Data Calls Unlimited Internet Data Minutes
Suspend Service Off-Season NO
Keep Number while Suspended NO
Resume for Free New SIM Required
Reactivate/Resume Same SIM NO, New SIM Required
App Support
TimeZero Navigator YES
MyIridium Mail YES
Iridium SOS (GEOS) YES
CruisersEmail/Xgate YES
PredictWind YES
Following Sea YES
GSatTrack YES

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