Icom m802/m803 NMEA0183 GPS Adapter


Input Adapter to connect an NMEA0183 GPS source to the Icom m802 GPS Input port.  Necessary to properly enable HF-DSC for distress calling on M802 Radios.

  • Feeds GPS data from vessel NMEA0183 to M802 Radio for DSC Distress Calling
  • Allows M803 Radio to feed GPS data to PACTOR modems
  • Required for proper DSC function on Icom M802 Radios

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Input Adapter to Connect an NMEA0183 GPS source to the Icom m802 and m803 Transcievers GPS Input port.  Necessary for all M802 radios to properly enable DSC (Digital Selective Calling) for convenience and distress calling.  Can be used with M803 if built-in GPS receiver is unable to obtain a signal due to mounting position or vessel construction.

Can also be used to get OUTPUT of GPS NMEA data from an M803 radio.


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