ICOM MA-510TR Class B AIS Transponder with GPS Receiver

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Brand New AIS Transponder from Icom

  • Color Display Screen to keep tabs on AIS targets in your vicinity without requiring a chartplotter
  • NMEA 2000 and NMEA0183 plus USB connectivity for integration with laptops and existing chartplotters, radars, and VHF Radios
  • Navigation Function
  • MOB and Anchor Alarms
  • DSC Calling via an existing Icom VHF Radio
  • GPS Antenna Included

ICOM IC-M510 Fixed Mount VHF with GPS, DSC, WIFI, and Optional AIS

M510 Fixed Mount VHF with WiFi and Smartphone App
Direct replacement for M506, mounting in same hole and using same CommandMic IV remotes WiFi remote control via WiFi including making radio calls from your smartphone.
Slim depth for tight spaces

Display AIS targets, call other vessels, and navigate to AIS targets and waypoints directly on radio screen.  Integrates with vessels existing AIS Transceiver or Receiver via NMEA.

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Flush Mount Kit for MA510TR (MB-132)

Flush Mount Kit for M510 (MBF-7)

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The Class B AIS Transponder with GPS navigation function and NMEA 2000™-connectivity and receives both A and B AIS signals. With both A and B AIS signals, the range of detection increases safety. Leisure, fishing or cruising vessels can stay safe and informed on the open sea with this feature-packed transponder.

Output Power:



NMEA 2000™, 0183/-HS Connectivity

Waterproof Rating:


Large Color Display

The MA-510TR comes with a 4.3″ color TFT LCD. The wide-viewing angle screen provides clear navigation details such as potential collision vessels marked as red, and registered friends marked as yellow. All vessels that are within 6NM CPA and 60 minutes TCPA from a vessel are put into a respective danger or friend list. The day-mode function allows visibility in direct sunlight. Night-mode provides optimal viewing brightness for comfortable operation.

Simplified GPS Navigation Function

The built-in GPS Navigation function guides users to waypoints or AIS targets. Assign up to 100 destinations or fishing spots.

Silent Mode

Operate securely and privately with the silent mode function. Switch off the AIS transmitter to temporarily stop sending out position location. Other AIS signal reports art still received when silent mode is on. Keep fishing spots privately from other vessels by utilizing silent mode.

Safety Features

Collision Alarm Function

When vessels come into the CPA or TCPA range, the vessel’s icon blinks and a warning sound is emitted on the plotter display (when connected to external audio equipment).

Anchor Watch Alarm

An alarm is set off when the vessel is drifting when anchored.

Man Overboard

When users receive a Man Overboard (MOB) signal, the MA-510TR can set the MOB as a destination.

NMEA Connectivity

The MA-510TR can connect to both NMEA 2000™ and NMEA 0183/-HS. Connect to a NMEA 2000™ network such as an external plotter, marine radar and VHF radios. With NMEA 0183/-HS, connect to a transceiver, plotter device, marine radar, external GPS receiver and a switch button.

Other Features

  • Individual DSC Call available with a compatible Icom VHF with an accessory cable
  • USB connectivity
  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • 12V and 24V compatible


Class B AIS transponder, receives both A & B signals Large 4.3” Color TFT LCD Display
Night Screen mode
Wide angle viewing
NMEA 2000TM, 0183/-HS connectivity
Built-in simple navigation function 100 waypoint memory
Friend/danger nav function
Silent mode
Individual DSC call
USB connectivity
Multi-lingual user interface
12V and 24V
Collison alarm function
Anchor watch alarm
Man over board (MOB) function, assignable MOB waypoint



GPS Antenna Unit

DC Power Cable

Mounting Bracket

Accessory Cable Connector



Output Power: 2W

Waterproof Rating: IPX7

Frequencies: 161.500-162.025Mhz

Type of Emission: 16K0G2B

Weight: 1.5lb


DATA Interface:

USB (Type-B Mini):


NMEA 2000

Input: 059392 /904, 060160 /416 /928, 065240, 126208 /996, 129026 /029 /545

Output: 059392 /904,060416 /928,126208 /464 /993 /996 /998, 129026 /029 /038 /039 /040 /041 /539 /540 /545 /792 /793 /794 /797 /798 /801 /802 /803 /805 /806 /807 /809 /810 /811

NMEA 0183

Input/Output: 4800–38400 bps; Sentence Format: GGA, GNS, GLL, GSA*1, GSV*1, RMC, VTG, GBS, DTM, DSC

External GPS Input: 4800–38400 bps, Sentence format: GGA, GNS, GLL, RMC, VTG, GBS*2, DTM

AIS Output: 38400 bps, Sentence format: VDM, VDO, ACA, ACS, ALR, TXT

*1 Only 38400 bps. *2 When a received GPS signal does not include a GBS sentence, the transponder will not receive the signal from the external GPS receiver


GPS ANTENNA FOR MA-510TR (0800017330)


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 9 in


ICOM IC-M510 Fixed Mount VHF with GPS, DSC, WIFI, and Optional AIS

AIS Receiver




Flush Mount Kit for M510 (MBF-7)