Complete WiFi, Cellular, and Satellite Communications Solution

Narwhal is a complete, turn-key, voice and data communications solution for boats of any size.  Narwhal combines best-of-breed communications hardware and software with our own design, integration, testing, services, and support to give you what you need in a pre-tested, pre-configured, easy-to-use, easy-to-install, plug-and-play solution.

Narwhal connects to shore WiFi, cellular, and satellite networks and automatically chooses from the least-cost option available at any time.  The system also controls which devices on your boat can use each of the Internet connections you have available, preventing non-critical devices from consuming expensive data.  Guest logins and website blacklists are also included features in every Narwhal version.

Narwhal consolidates multiple existing WiFi networks and easily integrates onboard NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 networks, enabling your smart devices to perform navigation and communications functions simultaneously.  No more need to switch between a satellite device’s wifi network and an AIS or chartplotter’s wifi network; Narwhal bridges all of these networks into a single on-board Navigation and Communication network for your laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TV’s, and more!

Narwhal Provides the following Below-Decks:

Vessel Wide WiFi Network for all your devices

Automatic Failover/Switchover between Shore WiFi, LTE, and Satellite connections

Control over which devices can use Shore WiFi vs Cellular vs Satellite connections

Limited Guest Logins (if desired)

Web Filtering Blacklists (protect your kids or limit data usage)

Single web UI to control Internet access connections, available from any device with a web browser

Integration for onboard NMEA0183 and/or NMEA2000 networks, and ability to eliminate WiFi sprawl on board.  Combine your AIS, MFD, Satellite, Cellular, and other networks into a single powerful, easy-to-use, WiFi network.  (Choose NMEA0183/2000 Combo or NMEA2000 Only during ordering)

Navigation Apps?

Narwhal supports all the popular cruising apps including but not limited to CruisersEmail, PredictWind, Navionics, iNavX, TimeZero, OpenCPN, Rosepoint, and more!


My Chartplotter WiFi Apps?



My Own SIM Card?

Absolutely!  Narwhal LTE hardware is completely unlocked and support practically any global cellular network and SIM card




Narwhal Advanced upgrades the standard LTE data hardware of our basic systems to our advanced Masthead or Rooftop Mounted Global LTE Cellular system with multiple SIM Card slots below-decks (works with Narwhal Connect or any other SIM Card).  Stay connected to speedy LTE while up to 20nm or more offshore!

Narwhal Advanced LTE is the best performing LTE cellular option available with longest range and highest speeds.   And just one small ethernet cable to run to the roof or masthead for the LTE antenna instead of expensive, thick, and inflexible coax cable.

Narwhal Advanced systems also support a variety of satellite solutions to meet any need, including options for two satellite systems where required.  Examples may include combining high-speed unlimited satellite that does not have coverage in every part of the world with a slower global satellite for backup in those uncovered areas.

The Narwhal Advanced Extreme Performance feature that comes with Unlimited Global Web Edition.  This upgrades the LTE hardware to dual-modem with bonding for even higher performance and extreme reliability.  Multiple SIM cards (even from different providers) can be used simultaneously to create one single higher performance and reliable connection.  This is available as an option for any other version of Narwhal as well.

What About 5G?

Read our FAQ about 5G on boats


Can You Fix WiFi Sprawl?

Question:  When on the boat we have to switch to wifi for B&G through ‘Link Connect Your Boat’ app to pull up the display on our iPad, but then to use the wifi in the marina, off our Badboy extender, we have to change to the marina wifi, so we can’t have the B&G repeated display on our iPad and have wifi from the marina at the same time. We also have a Redport Wifi router to connect the Iridium for data, weather and email.  Will this system work around having to switch between all the different wifi networks?”

Absolutely!  All of our Narwhal systems are designed to merge various wifi devices into a single network.  This “WiFi Sprawl” problem is a key component in our cruising communications seminars and a problem Sea-Tech is very focused on solving.   AIS, Navigation, Shore Wifi, Cellular, Satellite, etc.   So you have one single wifi network, no switching.  For the Redport.. If you install a Narwhal System which includes Satellite as most do, you wouldn’t need to use the Redport/Iridium solution anymore, but yes, you can connect the Redport to the Narwhal network and access the same Iridium connection as before from the combined WiFi network.

What about Installation?

Narwhal Is DIY and Boat Yard Friendly

All of the hardware and software needed to completely install the system

Preconfigured system that is ready to use out of the box

Power and Data cables, and custom adapters to make the installation easy

Exterior marine antenna mounts for the WiFi, Cellular, and Satellite antennas

Quick Start Guide Included plus access to Sea-Tech Support during and after install

Sea-Tech also partners with installers in the most popular boating regions of the US and can help you find an installer if needed.



Dual Band, Supports both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Networks for the best performance and compatibility

WEP, WPA, and WPA2 support for any WiFi network configuration you will find

Connect to new Shore WiFi networks with just 2 clicks/taps

Automatically reconnects to known favorite WiFi networks

Automatically adjusts power to provide the best performance

Built-in support for logging into wifi network popup pages (aka Captive Portals)

Long-Range Coastal LTE Data connections are possible 10-30nm off the coast

Supports SIMs and Cellular Networks around the globe

Automatically configures itself when a new SIM is installed

Multi-SIM automatic failover (switch between two SIMs when you cross International borders


Narwhal Connect Service Plan Features:

  • No Activation Fee
  • No Contracts
  • “Unlimited” AND Metered High Speed Plans Available
  • Free Video Streaming on “Unlimited” Plans
  • No Hassle Setup, Install, and Activation (SIM Card is pre-installed and ready to use)

Satellite hardware and services are included with most Narwhal systems and Narwhal Connect.

Each Narwhal Edition is designed around specific user needs and matches the satellite system capabilities with those needs.

Learn more about specific capabilities in the details of each Narwhal Edition.


Narwhal Connect Service Plan Features:

  • Free +1 USA domestic phone numbers so your friends and family or business can call you for free (on most plans)
  • Suspendable service plans for seasonal users
  • Unlimited data for some Narwhal versions
  • Advanced Internet usage filtering and reporting for broadband satellite services (managed by Sea-Tech)
  • Compressed Email and Web Services Included

Benefits of Narwhal Connect Service Plans:

Narwhal Connect Services combine LTE, Satellite, Compressed Email, Satellite Usage Filtering/Reporting, and other services into a single service plan, providing unique benefits you won’t find elsewhere.  And you don’t need to know how to set up our advanced data services because we do that for you!


Narwhal Business – Follow-Me Voice Call Routing, Voicemail to Email, and more

Narwhal Navigation – Nobeltec TimeZero Navigator v4 for Windows

Preconfiguration on your laptop of choice including integration with your Narwhal system is available

Narwhal Multi-Satellite – Combine the best of unlimited global email and weather with metered high-speed data to meet tighter budgets with moderate data needs

Email [email protected] or call 206-792-9540 for more information on Narwhal and Narwhal Connect