We’ve compiled the data from all of the recent updates announced by Starlink including any updates that were made to wording on their website and in terms and conditions.  This matrix/comparison of plans is the most accurate information we can get as of Oct  1, 2023  (updates from March 23 – Oct 1 added below.)

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Starlink “Regional Plan” Continent Map.  Roaming on Regional plan allowed for countries within the same continent as your service is registered.

UPDATES (10/01/2023) New terms, In-Motion, Ocean vs Land : Lots of changes since May : Most of the plan details are the same as May but with some slightly changed terms.  Several major changes..

1.) Land vs Ocean is now enforced: Connectivity in ocean areas (Black cells on the coverage map) require Mobile Priority data. You can either choose a Mobile Priority plan which includes some priority data each month, or you can use a Mobile (aka roam/rv) plan and then enable Priority data as needed and disable it when you no longer need it.   Mobile Priority data is $2/GB ( in USA).

2.) In-Motion has been defined, has new restrictions, and enforcement is imminent:  Starlink has defined in-motion use on land/ocean as 10mph+.  In-motion now requires Mobile Priority data, i.e.: if you want to remain connected at vehicle/vessel speeds over 10mph you will need a Mobile Priority plan, or a Mobile/Roam/RV plan with Mobile Priority enabled.  These restrictions apply regardless of antenna type.  In-motion with the standard antenna generally works and has the same rules however in-motion use is not recommended/advised as it may not be safe or may damage the antenna.

3.) Continent definition is enforced:  Connectivity outside of your home continent requires a Mobile Global or Mobile Priority plan. Mobile Regional is locked to your home continent only.

4.) Starlink continues to sell the standard, high performance, and high performance flat antennas, but now does not seem to restrict hardware to any particular plan or vise versa.  The plan and it’s features and restrictions make the most difference and Starlink has backed off any particular requires for a certain hardware model per plan.   High Performance and HP Flat antennas are superior to the Standard antenna, but you are allowed to use whichever model you want.  Ordering certain combinations of hardware and plan upfront is sometimes not possible from Starlink.com but there are workarounds through resellers or by just changing the plan after the hardware ships.

UPDATE (5/03/2023) Roam Regional/Global Continents Definition : Starlink has produced a map of the world that shows how they define the continents, which relates to the roaming of Mobile Regional plans.

UPDATE (5/02/2023) New Plan Names and other updates : Starlink has again updated their terms and plans, this time they have touched every plan in some way.  All the plans have been renamed: Residential is now Standard, Business is now Priority, Roam is now Mobility, Roam with In-motion/Mobile Antenna AND Maritime have now been merged into Mobile Priority.  Many of the terms are the same as before, but some differences.
1.) Residential no longer has a data cap.  It is unlimited at Normal Priority (which is the middle of the 3 priorities). Now called Standard.  The High Performance antenna is still an option for users who have location related coverage issues.
2.) Business has been renamed to Priority, but all the rest of the terms remain the same.  Priority Service is the highest level of the 3 priority levels.  Additional Priority Data is $0.50/GB.
3.) Roam (formerly RV) has been renamed to Mobility.  Roam users get Basic Priority which is lower than Standard, and is the lowest level of the 3 priority levels.  It also appears that the in-motion/Flat High Performance antenna is no longer available for Roam Regional or Roam Global plans.  The Standard antenna is the only option and is not certified for in-motion Use.  Data is unlimited at the lowest priority.  A new feature of Roam is the ability to Opt-In to purchasing Priority Data (highest level) at $2/GB.  Priority Data gives high priority access to the network (same as the Priority/Business plan) as well as Ocean Coverage, but In-Motion use is still not supported by the Standard antenna.  After Opting In, you must Opt-Out or all data will continue to be billed even for subsequent billing periods.  Since you cannot purchase the mobile antenna with Roam anymore, it is presumed that any user who wants in-motion use will need to upgrade to Mobile Priority along with the (HP Flat) Mobile Antenna at some point in the future.
4.) Roam with in-motion (HP Flat) antenna is no longer available for sale and you are now redirected to Mobile Priority which is mostly the same as Maritime.
5.) Maritime has now been folded into Mobile Priority.  The terms are largely the same as with the Maritime plans from 4/18/23, with 50GB, 1TB, or 5TB of priority data included.  Priority Data allows Ocean Coverage and maritime plans all come with the in-motion antenna.  After using your initial Priority Data allotment, you can opt-in for extra at $2/GB to maintain priority AND ocean coverage.  Mobile Priority is aimed at moving vehicles as well as moving vessels.

UPDATE (4/18/2023) Regarding Maritime Service : Starlink has updated their offering for Maritime.
1.) Access to Internet after priority data has been consumed will still be blocked while off land.  However, basic access (low priority) for inland lakes and rivers and land will continue with unlimited data.   Additional data for offshore will still need to be purchased.
2.) A 50GB priority data plan for Maritime is now available at $250/mo.  All other terms are shared with the 1TB and 5TB maritime plans.

UPDATE (4/13/2023) Regarding Maritime Service : Starlink has updated their terms for Maritime.  The 1mbps throttle after reaching the data cap is no longer available.  Internet access will be BLOCKED after reaching the included data cap.  Access to Starlink’s website to purchase additional data will be allowed once data cap is reached, but no other connectivity will be allowed without purchasing additional data. Disclaimer: This information was compiled from information directly on Starlink’s website, in their FAQs, terms and conditions, etc.  It was accurate at the time it was compiled.  Starlink offerings change periodically and enforcement of their terms and conditions is also changing periodically.

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