Your Business Abroad

If you’re ready for an alternative lifestyle, we’re here to help. Whether voyaging by land or sea is in your future, we can help you plan, prepare, and transition into your new adventure while running your business from anywhere in the world.

Lifestyle Design

What do you WANT to do with your days? 

Work Remote

Start a new business, or transition your existing business to remote only.

Planning & Transitioning

Mentorship programs to get you on-track in your new lifestyle, prepared & ready for anything.

What We Can Help With

…and more.

Starting a new business

Creating a business plan

Transitioning your Business

Workplace Automation

Help Outsourcing

Day-to-Day Operational Needs

Business Process Automation

Cloud Services vs. Local Software

Managing Connectivity Abroad

Hit the Road… or the High-Seas

We offer a mentoring program that is tailored to your desired outcome, timeframe, and personal goals. Each program is customized to each individual’s needs, from income requirements to preferred destinations.

The first step is easy. Simply fill out our form to share your expectations with us, and we’ll send you a customized proposal for our plan to help you reach your goals. 1:1 conversations and emails will follow as we get you started towards your goal.


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Richard Anderson


Rich spent over 20 years in enterprise IT before giving it all up to go cruising. Since cutting the lines in 2017, he’s sailed over 10,000 nautical miles in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.  Rich is a licensed USGC captain, and as owner of Sea-Tech, Rich helps other cruisers and nomads stay connected.

Devon Thurtle Anderson


Devon’s successful career as a business lawyer and entrepreneur helps Sea-Tech and its customers run successful remote businesses anywhere in the world.  She continues to run a successful law firm and other small businesses while living and traveling aboard her sailboat with her family.