SV Happy Together

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Working with Florida customers Randy and Lennie Smith, we custom designed a high performance offshore WiFi and Cellular Internet solution with dual satellite solutions including both Iridium Certus and KVH mini-VSAT for use when outside of coastal cellular range.

After discussion of needs, we decided to focus on ensuring continuous internet and phone service anywhere in the world, along with lowest airtime cost and highest performance where available. Owners Randy and Lennie plan to sail Happy Together around the world, participating in the World ARC and since they were familiar with KVH mini-VSAT from using a V3-IP system on a previous boat, they preferred the performance of the newer KVH V3-HTS system over competing satellite solutions from Inmarsat and Iridium.  But since KVH does not provide seamless coverage everywhere, the Iridium Certus service provided by a Thales VesseLink 350 fills in the gaps with web-capable performance and 100% global coverage.  Using the Wave WiFi MBR-550, the onboard WiFi network will automatically select between Shore WiFi, Cellular, KVH, and Iridium Certus service while sailing based on least-cost priority.  


Equipment List:

  • Wave WiFi MBR-550 Cellular Multi-Source Router w/ Exterior Antenna
  • Wave WiFi Rogue Pro Dual Band (AN) WiFi Extender (2.4Ghz & 5Ghz)
  • Thales VesseLink 350 (Iridium Certus) Satellite Terminal
  • KVH V3-HTS Satellite Terminal


Work Performed By:

Hardware and Airtime: Sea-Tech Systems

Design/Research/Diagramming: Richard Anderson, Sea-Tech Systems

Hardware Installation: Just Catamarans, Florida

System Programming/Setup/Testing: Richard Anderson, Sea-Tech Systems