TZ iBoat – Full Featured Navigation for iPad with Radar Support


The most advanced marine navigation app in the palm of your hands!

  • Real-time Navigation on Marine Charts*
  • Waypoint Selection, Creation and Editing
  • Real-time Instruments
  • Furuno FirstWatch Radar Support
  • Weather Forecast Downloads
  • Iridium Go! Support
  • AIS Traffic Support
  • Marine Chart Selection
  • Route Edit


Detailed marine charts, GPS and Weather on iPad and iPhone

TZ iBoat offers essential features for cruising, sailing and fishing while providing a smooth and simple user experience! Everything you need to explore your navigation area in the best conditions is available in TZ iBoat. Ease and comfort of use are guaranteed in an app that will become vital to your navigation!

The most advanced marine navigation app in the palm of your hands!

How many apps do you have on your phone or tablet for your sea trips? We realized that you can have as many as the various needs you may have. Our solution? TZ iBoat v2. Our app includes all the essential features to have fun and be safe on the water.

Anchor watch alarm

The new advanced anchor alarm features allows you to choose the anchor activation and positioning method, to perform quick management and gradual display of the alarm.

Trips features: Track, Analyze, Share & Connect

Track and analyze every aspect of your sea trips. TZ iBoat turns your iPhone and iPad into the best marine logbook. It has never been easier to log you trip Distance, Duration, COG, SOG, Pictures and Catches. Start TZ iBoat before your trip, track your performances and afterwards dive deep into your data. Your pictures are automatically georeferenced so you can remember your best anchoring spots or any other significant event while at sea. Find your trips in your personal space and replay them to analyze your performance or simply to remember good times.

Share & Connect. Record your trip and it goes to your feed where your followers can also share their activities. You can look for followers directly from TZ iBoat simply by typing in their name. Live Sharing: Peace of mind for sailors. You can share your location in real time with your followers and loved ones to have your back in an emergency.

Unlimited weather forecasts

At sea, having access to the most accurate weather forecasts is crucial!

  • Free and unlimited GFS and WW3 weather forecasts

  • Offline weather: download weather forecasts to be able to use them offline while at sea.

  • Advanced weather display: in color, with animated particles, arrows or with labels to visualize wind, wave, current, pressure, cloud and precipitation.

  • Meteogram: detailed presentation of weather forecasts along the route. Display one or more weather variables in graph depending on the location and the date.

  • Iridium GO! Compatibility

Discover the new Premium Weather subscription and gain access to 5 high resolution models: Arpège, Arome, DWD ICON, NAM Conus and Copernicus with worldwide coverage.

Connect and display your marine navigation equipment data with two optional modules

In addition to the free app’s main features, TZ iBoat offers optional features for you to make the best of your coastal navigation. Two modules have been developed to allow connecting and receiving your marine equipment data such as your radar (Furuno DRS4W) and your AIS receiver.

  • Radar module: This module makes it possible to connect your DRS4W Furuno radar to your TIMEZERO application to overlay in real-time the radar image directly on your marine chart. You can also display the traditional radar screen on your TZ iBoat. Operating on a Wifi network, simply plug in the radar power cable and you are ready to go!
  • AIS module: This module allows you to monitor maritime traffic in your navigation area. It will increase your safety by displaying all AIS targets on your iPad thanks to your AIS wifi receiver and emitter.

All your destinations in one app

TZ iBoat gives you Access to a worldwide chart catalog thanks to the latest C-MAP vector charts! Once the app has been downloaded, you can purchase one or more charts. You can even decide to combine Raster and Vector for máximum security.

Make TZ iBoat the starting point of your new TIMEZERO ecosystem

Create and activate your route from the PC inside your boat and it will appear automatically on your TZ iBoat app outside!

New feature for fishermen!

A new “Event and Catch” feature has been developed for you!

Save all your catches (weight, size and photo) and grow your fishing log that is directly integrated to your nautical chart. Master your fishing areas like never before!


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