Narwhal Advanced 5G | High Latitude Web


Internet Access Anywhere!

The ONLY option for those who need high speed data while cruising in challenging terrain and/or high latitudes.  (Including: Alaska, Inside Passage, NW Passage, Southern Ocean Circumnav, S. Pacific Crossing, etc.)

Narwhal Advanced High Latitude Web Includes the following key components:

  • Below Decks Wi-Fi Router with multi-WAN and auto-switching/failover
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi as WAN built-in
  • Global 5G and 4G LTE Masthead/Roof Remote-Mounted Cellular Modem with  separate below decks multi-SIM Card injector for maximum range
  • Predictwind Datahub Included
  • NMEA to Wi-Fi Integration
  • Vessel Tracking via PredictWind and AIS Tracking sites
  • 100% Global Iridium Voice and broadband Data Service
  • Choose from a variety of metered satellite data plans starting at $131/month to meet your usage needs
  • Supports Whatsapp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger via Satellite
  • Supports most websites, webapps, and smartphone apps.
  • Supports Xgate/CruisersEmail, PredictWind, iNavX, Expedition, TimeZero, Rosepoint
  • Narwhal Satellite, LTE, Email, and Weather Combo Plans starting at $265/month
  • Preconfigured
  • Digital VOIP/SIP Desk Phone included for Satellite phone calls as well as optional Voice over Cellular Data Services
  • Entire System is 12VDC Powered

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Complete Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Satellite Communications Solution

Narwhal is a complete, turn-key, voice and data communications solution for boats of any size.  Sea-Tech combines best-of-breed communications hardware and software with our own design, integration, testing, services, and support to give you what you need in a pre-tested, pre-configured, easy-to-use, easy-to-install, plug-and-play solution.
Narwhal connects to shore Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite networks and automatically chooses from the least-cost option available at any time.  The system also controls which devices on your boat can use each of the Internet connections you have available, preventing non-critical devices from consuming expensive data.  Guest logins and website blacklists are also included features in every Narwhal version.
Narwhal consolidates multiple existing Wi-Fi networks and easily integrates onboard NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 networks, enabling your smart devices to perform navigation and communications functions simultaneously.  No more need to switch between a satellite device’s wi-fi network and an AIS or chartplotter’s wi-fi network; Narwhal bridges all of these networks into a single on-board Navigation and Communication network for your laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TV’s, and more!
Narwhal supports all the popular cruising apps including but not limited to CruisersEmail, PredictWind, Navionics, iNavX, TimeZero, OpenCPN, Rosepoint, and more!
Narwhal Provides the following Below-Decks:
  • Vessel Wide Wi-Fi Network for all your devices
  • Automatic Failover/Switchover between Shore Wi-Fi, LTE, and Satellite connections
  • Control over which devices can use Shore Wi-Fi vs Cellular vs Satellite connections
  • Limited Guest Logins (if desired)
  • Web Filtering Blacklists (protect your kids or limit data usage)
  • Single web UI to control Internet access connections, available from any device with a web browser
  • Integration for onboard NMEA0183 and/or NMEA2000 networks, and ability to eliminate Wi-Fi sprawl on board.  Combine your AIS, MFD, Satellite, Cellular, and other networks into a single powerful, easy-to-use, Wi-Fi network.
    • (Supports existing NMEA to Ethernet/Wi-Fi Bridges or add one with your Narwhal package)
Narwhal Supports Shore-Based Wi-Fi connections:
  • Dual Band, Supports both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Networks for the best performance and compatibility
  • WEP, WPA, and WPA2 support for any Wi-Fi network configuration you will find
  • Connect to new Shore Wi-Fi networks with just 2 clicks/taps
  • Automatically reconnects to known favorite Wi-Fi networks
  • Automatically adjusts power to provide the best performance
  • Built-in support for logging into wi-fi network popup pages (aka Captive Portals)
Narwhal Supports Global Cellular LTE Data:
  • Long-Range Coastal LTE Data connections are possible 10-30nm off the coast
  • Supports SIMs and Cellular Networks around the globe
  • High Gain exterior marine antenna for extended range
  • Cellular LTE Data services included with Narwhal Connect
Narwhal Simplifies Satellite Voice and Data Choices:
  • Satellite hardware and services are included with Narwhal and Narwhal Connect.  Each Narwhal Edition is designed around specific user needs and matches the satellite system capabilities with those needs.   See more about specific capabilities below in the details of each Narwhal Edition.
Narwhal Is DIY and Boat Yard Friendly:
  • All of the hardware and software needed to completely install the system
  • Pre-configured system that is ready to use out of the box
  • Power and Data cables, and custom adapters to make the installation easy
  • Exterior marine antenna mounts for the Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Satellite antennas
  • Quick Start Guide Included plus access to Sea-Tech Support during and after install
Benefits of Narwhal Connect Service Plans:
Narwhal Connect Services combine LTE, Satellite, Compressed Email, Satellite Usage Filtering/Reporting, and other services into a single service plan, providing unique benefits you won’t find elsewhere.  And you don’t need to know how to set up our advanced data services because we do that for you!
  • Satellite Phone and Data Services
    • Suspendable service plans for seasonal users
    • Unlimited data for some Narwhal versions
    • Advanced Internet usage filtering and reporting for broadband satellite services (managed by Sea-Tech)
    • Compressed Email and Web Services Included
  • LTE Data Services
    • No Activation Fee
    • No Contracts
    • Multiple High-Speed LTE Plans Available
    • No Hassle Setup, Install, and Activation (SIM Card is pre-installed and ready to use)
  • Optional Add-On Services Available
    • Narwhal Business – Follow-Me Voice Call Routing, Voicemail to Email, and more
    • Narwhal Navigation – Nobeltec TimeZero Navigator v4 for Windows
      • Preconfiguration on your laptop of choice including integration with your Narwhal system is available
    • Narwhal Multi-Satellite – Combine the best of unlimited global email and weather with metered high-speed data to meet tighter budgets with moderate data needs
Narwhal comes in several flavors to meet the needs of any boater:

Narwhal Global Cruising Boat Edition:

  • Dual-Band Long-Range Wi-Fi Extender for Shore Wi-Fi Connections
  • Global LTE Cellular (works with Narwhal Connect or any other SIM Card)
  • 100% Global Iridium Voice, SMS, and Data with Unlimited Data/SMS plans available
    • Perfect for small email, sms, weather forecasting, and casual phone calls from anywhere on the planet
    • Make calls and send/receive texts from your Smartphone, or even make/take calls using an analog desk phone

Narwhal High-Latitude Web Edition:

  • Dual-Band Long-Range Wi-Fi Extender for Shore Wi-Fi Connections
  • Global LTE Cellular (works with Narwhal Connect or any other SIM Card)
  • 100% Global Iridium Voice and Broadband Data
    • Perfect for those who need high speed data while cruising in challenging terrain and/or high latitudes
    • Make calls and send/receive texts from your Smartphone, or even make/take calls using an analog desk phone

Narwhal Americas Social At Sea Edition:

  • Dual-Band Long-Range Wi-Fi Extender for Shore Wi-Fi Connections
  • Global LTE Cellular (works with Narwhal Connect or any other SIM Card)
  • Inmarsat Voice and Data with Unlimited Data plans available for North, Central, South America and Caribbean
    • Perfect for those that are staying near the Americas and want to be able to use Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Apple iMessage outside of cellular range.
    • Download Emails, weather GRIB Files, and other data in real time
    • Support any navigation and weather app
    • Make calls from your Smartphone, or even make/take calls using an analog desk phone
      • (Note: Global Satellite Coverage is available without unlimited data)

Narwhal Global Unlimited Web Edition:

  • Dual-Band Long-Range Wi-Fi Extender for Shore Wi-Fi Connections
  • Global LTE Cellular (works with Narwhal Connect or any other SIM Card)
  • Global Unlimited Broadband Data
    • Perfect for larger yachts (50ft Mono or 40ft Catamaran +) that desire always-on, home-like Internet at sea
    • Skype, Zoom, Watch Netflix, Read/Write Email and more!
    • Supports practically any application
    • Make calls from your Smartphone, or even make/take calls using an analog desk phone

Additional information

Weight 30.0000 lbs
Dimensions 28.0000 × 12.0000 × 12.0000 in

Iridium Certus, T-Mobile

Narwhal High-Latitude Web Combo Plan

  • 5GB/Month 4G/LTE High Speed Data AND 500MB/Month Metered Satellite Data Services ($1040/month value)

    • 15GB and 30GB LTE plan options available
    • 0MB to 10000MB Satellite plan options available
    • Satellite-Only Plan available (see Satellite-Only Plan table)
  • Use of practically any website or application including Remote Desktop, VPN, Outlook, WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, and more over Satellite.

  • Satellite Compressed Email and Predictwind Lite Included ($20/month value)

  • Satellite Data Management and Reporting Service Included ($30/month value)

  • Disable When You’re Not Using (3 month minimum per activation)

  • No Long-Term Contracts

Narwhal 5GB/500MB Anywhere Web Plan: $1000/Month

$50 Activation Fee

Includes the following Satellite and LTE Airtime Services:

Narwhal Cellular LTE: 

  • 5GB high-speed LTE Data within USA, USVI, PR (larger plans available)
  • Up to 5GB of high-speed LTE Data in CAN and MEX

Narwhal High Latitude Web Satellite:

  • 100% Global Coverage, even in challenging terrain like fjords and high latitude locations
  • Metered Satellite Data MB for Email/Weather/Messaging/Web/etc
    • Included Data depends on plan
  • $0.55/Minute for voice calls
  • Global Satellite Messenger Included with unlimited SMS text messaging via smartphone app

Additional Included Features:

  • CruisersEmail and Web Compression Service
  • PredictWind Lite Subscription
  • Suspend LTE/Email/Weather Services for $5/Month when off-season
    • Satellite can be suspended, but requires $50 re-activation fee each time it is resumed.
  • SIMs are always available for reactivating service, no need to obtain or store extra SIMs

Suspending/Cancelling/Reactivating Service:  Are you finished using your service for the season, or for a few months?   With Sea-Tech, you can suspend your email and certain satellite services for just $5/month each.  Let us know you’d like to suspend or cancel no later than the 25th of each month (by emailing us at [email protected]), and your change in service will be effective as of the end of the month.  When you’re ready to resume your service, let us know by the 25th of the month prior to reactivation, and you’ll be ready to go!  (And don’t worry, if you let us know late we’re still happy to reactivate for you; just know that your $5/mo suspension won’t be refunded if it’s already been billed, and reactivated months are not prorated.)

Satellite Coverage

100% Global

Note: Calls to non-Iridium satellite devices not included, and billed at $9.99/minute.

All Narwhal Systems are shipped unactivated.  Call or Email [email protected] to activate your service.

Narwhal High-Latitude Web Satellite-Only Plans

Certus Voice and Data Service

Choose a discounted data plan below.
Voice services are billed separately based on usage.

Iridium Certus 700 Airtime 2022

  1. *Minimum Contract Term is 3 Months.  Early Termination Fee Applies if cancelled before end of contract
  2. **Double Data Promotion is valid while Iridium continues the promotion
  3. **Customer will receive the Double Data allowance for up to 24 months after the start of service.
  4. ***Direct Dial Inbound calls are free, but caller may be billed an international rate by their provider.All Prices in USDAll Satellite Phones and Devices are shipped with an unactivated SIM card.  Call or Email [email protected] to activate your service.

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