Lars Thrane LT-4200 Certus 200 Satellite Communications System


Iridium Certus is the fastest L-Band satellite service available, the only 100% global satellite network, and supported with the lightest, smallest, and most power efficient satellite terminals on the market.   The Lars Thrane LT-4200 is the smallest Certus terminal on the market, with a compact antenna.

When paired with an Optimizer and a 10MB or 25MB monthly plan, this package makes an awesome upgrade from an Iridium Go, Iridium Handheld, or Redport Glow for those looking for much faster email and weather downloads and better voice quality while utilizing a compact antenna and maintaining low monthly costs.

  • Global Satellite Internet Terminal
  • Download Speeds to 176 kbps
  • Upload Speeds to 176 kbps
  • 100% Global Coverage
  • Solid State, No Moving Parts
  • Three High Quality Satellite Voice Phone Lines
  • SIP/VOIP up to 8 Handsets
  • Analog POTS with optional ATA adapter
  • 1 x Data/VOIP Ports

Certus 200 and Certus 700 devices can be used together on shared data plans.


Communications At Sea

The LT-4200 Satellite Communications System, from Lars Thrane A/S, is a maritime satellite communication product that operates on the Iridium® satellite network using Iridium Certus® 200 services. The LT-4100 system is designed for the professional market (deep sea, fishing, and workboats), but can be used for the leisure markets as well. It’s built for the demanding and rough environment at sea and with an operational temperature range from -40 to +55⁰C (-40 to +131⁰F) and all standards and certification requirements needed for worldwide maritime satellite communication equipment. More than 40 years of experience have been put into the design and construction of the LT-4200 system, with an exceptional performance and specification level.

A Single Antenna Cable Solution

A single coaxial cable connects the control unit with the antenna unit. Using a standard coaxial cable, up to 500 meters of separation between the units can be obtained, giving freedom to mount the antenna unit in the best possible location, with free line of sight to the satellites

Key Features:

Easy to Install

Everything is included in the box to get started with the installation and operating the LT-4200 system

IP Data and Management

176 kbps (up) / 176 kbps (down) and data management like configuration of outgoing firewall, port forwarding

Single Antenna Cable Solution

Up to 500m


POTS via Analogue Telephone Adaptors (ATA)

3 High Quality Voice Lines

LAN Interface

Ethernet LAN interface on control unit

Voice Prompt Audio Feedback

Screen: Large 4.3″ TFT Display Supporting Brightness Adjustment and Day/Night Modes



Includes Bracket Mount (91-100771)

Optional Flush Mount (91-100772)

Optional Antenna Pole Mount: 91-102550

Antenna Coax Cable Not Included

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 in

Iridium Certus 200-Only Airtime

iridium certus 200 only rate plans eff aug 2023

Iridium Certus 200/700 Airtime

Iridium certus 200 and certus 700 rate plans eff august 2023