Marine Electronics Advisor: Subscription Consulting

The ONLY Subscription-based Remote Consulting for DIY Marine Electronics and/or Connectivity Projects

Are you struggling with an onboard electronics or communications problem right now that you need help with?  Sign up for our Remote Issue Troubleshooting service which is a flat fee service to remotely help you get your problem resolved.  This provides direct access to help with your specific problem.  Get help understanding how your system does and should work and advice for resolving your issue without being pressured into replacing everything you already have.

Planning to do a communications or electronics install/refit on your own and need detailed support for things like NMEA networks and interoperability, diagrams, and research?  Subscribe to DIY  Support for full remote support of your DIY project.

Are you trying to figure out how to your Starlink to talk to your Peplink?  Whether you are pre-purchase, already installing, or dealing with an installed system that you need help with, sign up for Peplink/Starlink Remote Integration for a fully inclusive flat fee service to getting the most from your install.



Services and Subscriptions

Your Project

Adding a new AIS transceiver?

Upgrading your VHF radio with DSC?

Installing a new chart plotter with Wi-Fi?

Installing a Wi-Fi or Cellular Booster?

Emarbarking on a full electronics refit?

Need satellite Internet aboard?

Questions Answered

Can you integrate your 15 year old electronics with a brand new chartplotter?

How exactly do you connect the GPS, AIS, VHF, and chart plotter together so they all work the way they are supposed to?

How do you setup an onboard network for navigation, entertainment, and Internet access?

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let existing and previous subscribers do the talking!

Working with Sea-Tech was like a customer service experience from my wildest dreams. Imagine having a multi-platform multi-brand tech support guru at your fingertips to lay out exactly how your vessel’s electronics should be installed and setup. In a last minute Hail Mary call to these experts before setting out to sea, these guys saved my butt.

Adam N

s/v Tuwamish

I want to thank The Boat Galley for referring me to Sea-Tech’s Marine Electronics Advisor subscription.
Richard at Sea-Tech was amazing. I can’t be happier. I wanted you to know how he helped and how he could help other cruisers in our situation.

I needed help troubleshooting and understanding my existing system: Through photos, emails, phone calls and a Zoom call he helped me troubleshoot and fix my SeaTalk1 and GPS issues.

Even more important – he helped me understand my complete electronics system. From my 15-year old Raymarine E120W Chartplotter, to where my AIS was and how my VHF radio integrates into the system, to installing a SeaTalk1 to SeaTalkNG converter to integrate new SeaTalkNG equipment (like a new GPS antenna) to my SeaTalk1 network.

The is what all self-sufficient cruisers need to be able to know, so they understand how every piece of Marine Electronics equipment connects to each other.

He guided me on how to use what I have and never steered me towards ripping it all out and purchasing something new, which has been my experience when other marine electronic technicians who I had paid to come to service my system in the past.

The DYI Install subscription is perfect for anyone who has the desire to do their own partial upgrade or completely new install of a marine electronics system. Richard takes a client all through the processes of what is it you want/need, the specification, installation, integration and getting it all to work.

Charles T

2010 Antares Catamaran

I was installing my AIS, chart plotter, and radar. Rich helped me understand how they all worked together and the nuances of setting it up correctly. He has a lot of knowledge and really wants to help solve the problems that come up when adding new systems to an old boat.

April B

s/v Westy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up and downgrade as well.  Upgraded plan benefits take effect immediately and if done mid-billing-cycle the subscription fees are backdated to the last billing date.  The cost of the a mid-cycle upgrade is equivalent to the new subscription fee minus the amount paid at last billing.  For example, if your “Learn” billing date is March 15 and you upgrade “Support” on March 1, you will be charged $75 immediately for the Feb 15-March 15 billing cycle ($100 new plan minus $25 old plan) and you will immediately begin recieving “Support” benefits.

Downgraded plan benefit changes and subscription fees take effect on the next scheduled billing date.  

Does my subscription auto-renew?

Yes, your subscription auto-renews monthly on the same day of month as your initial signup date.  Billing will automatically renew and charge each month until you request a cancellation.  There is no contract, you can cancel at any time.  All charges are for whole months and are not prorated.  Billing is based on signup date, NOT calendar months.

I just bought a boat and am planning to start cruising in a year. I don't know where to start with our electronics and communications systems. Which plan should I chose?

The “Learn” subscription is designed to get you started with high level communications topics, new technologies, etc.  When you are ready to start planning and building your system or just need support for the systems you have,  you can upgrade to the “Support” subscription at that time.