Iridium has released a new Firmware update (v.2.1.22) for the Iridium Go, as well as an App update for iOS devices.  These two updates combined resolve a recent timestamps bug that started on or about August 29th, 2021.  If you have not rebooted or used your Iridium Go since that date, you may not have seen the issue yet.

Fixes:  Update to fix an incorrect time/date issue for both the Iridium GO! device and the app

For Apple Device users (iPhone/iPad) you must ALSO upgrade your Iridium Go app through the App Store to version 1.6.33 or higher.

For Instructions on how to upgrade the Iridium Go Firmware (as well as download links for the necessary files) see our KB article here:


This issue causes in an incorrect time/date on the device and app and does not affect the functionality of the device/app in any manner. Calls, Data, SMS, SOS and tracking still operate normally. Only instances where a message (quick gps, tracking, SOS) payload contains a date/time, will have an incorrect time/date. Ordering of messages in the Iridium GO! app may be out of order, as well as missed voice calls. Upgrading the device to the new firmware version 2.1.22 will resolve this issue. It is recommended that all users affected by this issue upgrade to this new firmware version as soon as possible to resolve the issue on the Iridium GO! device and its corresponding Iridium GO! app