Globalstar/SPOTX has released a new firmware update for their SPOTX two-way messenger.  It’s not required but definitely recommended to upgrade when you have the time.

This October 15th, 2018 update contains the following:


  • New Main Menu Layout
    • Added a Create Message icon
    • Added a Contacts icon
    • Added a Track/Fetch Intervals icon
  • Support for long email addresses – up to 50 characters
  • Update Basic service to include 30 and 60 minute tracking
  • Audible alerts for incoming messages


  • Fixed accidental SOS initiation bug
  • Fixed occasional incorrect recipient display
  • Preferred language consistency throughout user interface
  • Fixed Nation Safe Drivers displaying as a contact

To Upgrade, go to SPOTX’s firmware update page, download the appropriate software for your Windows or Mac.  Follow the instructions to install.  Then connect your SPOTX to your computer with USB and upgrade.